Fords of Wakefield Gin

This design was for a client looking to put out a new series of locally produced gin, from the small north England town of Wakefield. They wanted something that was inspired by the locality of their namesake and that could compete on the shelves of both supermarkets and bars.

The first design brings together sleek modern design with heritage and class. The label is sure to reference Wakefield through use of the town’s crest, motto and more subtly, imagery of the Cathedral from the 1890's-early 1900's. This detail ties history into the design without sacrificing standing out amongst trendy competitors.

My second design is a more luxurious take on my concept. Classic serif type partnered with an engraving of Wakefield Cathedral gives the bottle a sophisticated look and again, references the township itself using the crest and motto. The rear label has a photo from the early 1900's taken on a Wakefield street.

The variant for Cherry and Vanilla is a simple color and name change. Consistency is key on the shelf and a set of these bottles in varying colour schemes (preparing for future expansion with additional flavors) would certainly demand attention. The client decided to go with the first more modern design which we agreed was better suited to the youth market they wished to target the craft cocktail bar crowd.

  • For Fords of Wakefield