A Tribute to Adventure

This book, A Tribute to Adventure, is the first entry into what I plan to be a short series of photography books. These will document my travels and curate the essence of them in a physical format, the likes of which have been mostly lost thanks to digital cameras and social media.

The book uses a minimalist design, allowing the images to tell the story. The story changes depending on the locale of course and my personal observations being attached below each image, ranging from the lighthearted to informational and the serious. Volume One covers 13 countries, each country has 8 images including one behind the text of the title page except for the US which has 16 due to the amount of states I have visited.

This is a project I plan to revisit once every four years, starting in 2018 and compiling the best of my travels into a new volume each time.

  • Type Photography Book