What is Libertarianism?

In the age of political upheaval, is it possible to present a political philosophy without any bias on an educational platform? This question fuelled my final major project for my degree course and resulted in my creation of the organisation ‘What is Libertarianism?’, using Libertarianism, a largely unknown ideology in the UK as my guinea pig.

The project’s goal was to inform others of what people who believed in Libertarianism held as fundamental beliefs, what they thought on current issues, which celebrities are Libertarians and other relevant subjects. The end goal was to allow people to make their own decision on the philosophy rather than converting anyone to it.

The primary component of the platform was a website, this was paired with Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages which acted to attract new traffic with regular, relevant content and then direct them to the website.

This concept could be replicated with any philosophy, allowing for neutral platforms that generate conversation while making sure the facts are what drive it, not bias or misunderstanding.

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