Abstraction Music Festival Poster

This was my second project for Bury Music Productions, for this I had the pleasure of producing the posters for a much more ambitious event than the last.

Significantly bigger than the one night punk and rock mix of their previous offering, ‘Abstraction’ featured three stages over two nights and a mixture of Indie, Punk, Rock, Electronic and Acoustic music. I was provided with the name, the wish to be colourful and the information and otherwise left to my own devices.

I embraced the name for my art style, moving away from representational art and working off a piece by Wassily Kandinsky (1924) as the background imagery. This fluid imagery allowed for a poster that could represent such a broad mixture of styles. The design was printed in 8 different colour variations and spread across the local area to great effect.

With a lot more moving parts than the first, it was a pleasure to work with Bury Music Productions again.

  • For Bury Music Productions
  • Date April 2018
  • Type Festival Branding