Firetrail - Charing Cross station

In order to learn more about web design I decided to set about creating an interactive game played from within a web browser. The setting is that of a long time personal project of mine, Firetrail, a novel I’ve written based in post-nuclear war London where scavengers live below the surface in the Tube network. The game takes place in the primary setting of the novel, Charing Cross station a few months prior to the books beginning.

The game itself is a clue finding mystery where the player has to click on items throughout the various scenes in order to discover backstory of the world and figure out where they are. As items are clicked more is discovered about the setting with screens popping up and explaining what the player character makes of what they discover. The player can navigate through the station at their own leisure, returning to places they have already visited if they feel they have missed something.

The art style is a mix of manipulated photography, captured by myself over multiple visits to Charing Cross station as well as graphics created by myself.

The game can be played by clicking the link below!

  • For Interactive game
  • Type Interactive web design