Drawing Pins: A bad habit deterrent device

Part of my degree work, this project came together as a result of early experimentation with pins that revolved around alternative uses for the everyday object. One such alternative use I came up with was as a ʻDietary
aideʼ. The pins did this job by being spread out over the top of a cookie jar, warding off wandering snackers by sitting spike side up. It was an early humorous idea that got taken forward after some peer critique with most responding quite favourably to this use over the others which involved use to make normal shoes into tap dance shoes and as a ʻteacher-student relations deviceʼ.

It was then proposed to take the cookie jar idea a step forward, to use pins as a preventative device for everyday bad habits. From there, the idea evolved quite naturally. I began listing habits and objects connected to them and from there, inspired by the work of Hannah Cecilia and her drawing pin high heels, created a set of sculptural items. The difference in our projects however is in the meaning. Her intent was to empower the wearer while I aim to make the objects linked to the bad habits as intimidating and un-user friendly as possible as a sort of abstract preventative campaign.

The habits I took on were, unhealthy snacking, day drinking, phone overuse, smoking, gaming addiction and (to the snickers of my audience during presentations) excessive masturbation. It was a fun project that required stepping away from the screen and making something by hand and the results were rewarding and refreshing.

  • For The District
  • Type Experimental Art

Unhealthy Snacking


Phone Addiction

Gaming Addiction

Day Drinking

Excessive Masturbation