001 Why the scythes?

I figured as a first entry to these running updates, it would make sense to explain the reasoning behind my personal logo. While I have a taste for the macabre being a big horror junkie, this isn’t why I included a pair of the Grim Reapers infamous implement. It goes back to my first freelance job which was designing a new T-shirt for my dad’s Air Force fighter squadron at the time, the 493rd Grim Reapers. Now, this was a very early attempt at freelancing, the result of which received positive feedback but I wouldn’t share at gun point these days! It was a very important job to me however, one I treated very seriously from the time I put in to the time I spent talking to the clients, the members of the squadron.

The job was a positive impact on how I viewed the industry that I’d been training to be a part of and in reflection of that, I decided years later to make it a part of my logo seeing as it will be an important moment in my career as long as I work. Plus, let’s be honest, scythes are cool as hell.